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Sonora Experience 



“Kirby’s reset yoga retreat opened my heart back up to give and receive love in this beautiful world.


The entire experience was cultivated with such thought and intention- it might be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I didn’t anticipate leaving the retreat being more in love with myself than ever but am so dang thankful.


My biggest takeaway was simple- how you think is how you feel.

This simple reminder holds great power to transform my life, and I am so grateful.


Kirby’s soul sings and pours into your mind, body, and spirit.

It’s undeniable. It’s pure. It’s a guiding light. It created a safe place

for me to be vulnerable, grow, and be in community.

She’s an incredible teacher that exudes love.


Costa Rica moves at a higher vibrational frequency and sucks you into mother nature- completely and with the highest level of respect. 


Sonora was incredible, walking distance to the beach, and completely immersed in the jungle. The bungalows (where you sleep) are adorable and private. I felt extremely safe and at home. The shala (where you practice yoga) is an open-air concept with dense jungle surrounding it- imagine flowing with jungle noises you hear in the movies. It is equipped with anything you’ll need to have a successful practice.


Alessandra cooks with color, and her food was amazing. It is a true art form with a focused attention to detail. You can feel the love with each bite.


If you’re looking to yoga in a new place, this is it.


If you’re looking for a rebirth, this retreat is for you.”


Olivia Yarrow

Pianta tropicale

Breathing Jungle Lifestyle

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