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Sound Bath Experience
With Live Music And Vocals
$ 55 + 13%
Price Per Person  

Percussion And Touch

Percussions and Touch Experience 

Manosonora massage offers a captivating and harmonious experience, reminiscent of a graceful dance,

as it embraces the body with gentle, yet profound circular motions.

Delivered with a deep sense of presence, the strokes encompass the entire being,

aiming to create a profoundly relaxing and ceremonial ambiance.

The music becomes a vital conduit, infusing the experience with an enchanting and meditative aura,

elevating the journey beyond the realm of mere physicality.


As the percussion taps into the ancestral sphere, the fusion of touch, breath, movement,

and melody kindles a profound awakening,

opening doors to newfound possibilities within the realms of body and mind.


This conscious and profound work delves into the depths of cellular memory,

gently unraveling and liberating that which no longer serves one's true essence.

We share this experience  in Bali/Thailand/India/Italy/Switzerland/Spain


75 min Healing Experience  + Costum Blend Unique Made After The Session $222

Djembrush and Vocals

Introducing the dynamic musical duo that transcends the boundaries of sound and spirit,Djembrush Percussion and Vocals.

With the ethereal grace of Angelic Vocals and the primal heartbeat of percussion,they craft sonic tapestries that transcend boundaries, merging the earthly and the divine.

Their performances are not just music; they are spiritual journeys, where the energy of the crowd becomesan integral part of their improvisational masterpiece.


Djembrush's percussion prowess infuses each beat with an infectious vitality, while Vocals' ethereal voice transports listeners to otherworldly realms.

Together, they create an enchanting musical experience that transcends language and culture,connecting with audiences on a profound, spiritual level.

Prepare to be moved, uplifted, and carried away on a sonic voyage like no other, as this Experience  channel the collective energy of their audience into a transcendent musical odyssey.


Up to 15 pax $ 333 + 13% VAT > $ 22 + 13% VA  each person 

Alessandra Sangeeta & Francis P Palizzari
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